Pin Quote Request Form

Please fill out our quick and easy quote request form and we’ll e-mail you a complete price quote along with a digital proof depicting what your custom pins will look like when produced. The quote request form takes only a few minutes to fill out and will allow you to let us know everything about what you want out of a custom pins.

01. Choose a pin style.

  • Soft Enamel

    Having been consistently the most popular enamel pin for more than a decade, soft enamel pins offer a great deal of flexibility in design thanks to their textured look and feel that many people love.

  • Hard Enamel

    When quality , durability, and a smooth finish are everything, hard enamel pins should be the only choice. It's the second most popular enamel pin design and is considered to be of the highest quality.

  • Die Struck

    Die-Struck pins stand out as classy since they're generally all gold or all silver in appearance. the best part about them is that they're as affordable as soft enamel pins but can be perceived to of much higher value.

  • Offset Printed

    Offset printed pins work best for real-life pictures and gradients of color shift. it's ideal if you want your photo transferred from a photographic negative onto the surface of a metal enamel pin.

  • Silk Screen

    A silkscreen printed lapel pin is a type of pin where the design is created using the silkscreen printing technique. This involves transferring ink through a mesh screen onto the surface of the pin. The result is a crisp and detailed design with vibrant colors. Silkscreen printed lapel pins are often used for intricate artwork or detailed logos, providing a high-quality and professional appearance.

  • I don't know. Please advice

    Not sure which pin style works best with your logo or image? Let us help you! We'll take a look at the design and make recommendations so that you feel confident in what to order!

02. Select a pin size.

03. Select a metal plating.

  • $0.1/Unit

    Antique Copper

  • $0.1/Unit

    Antique Gold

  • $0.1/Unit

    Antique Silver

  • $0.15/Unit


  • FREE

    High Polished Black Nickel

  • FREE

    High Polished Copper

  • FREE

    High Polished Gold

  • FREE

    High Polished Silver

  • FREE

    Misty Copper

  • FREE

    Misty Gold

  • FREE

    Misty Silver

  • FREE

    Spray White

04. Choose an attachment.

  • Butterfly Clutch (Silver) FREE

    Butterfly Clutch (Silver)

  • Butterfly Clutch (Gold) FREE

    Butterfly Clutch (Gold)

  • FREE

    Black Rubber Clutch

  • FREE

    Yellow Rubber Clutch

  • $0.25/Unit

    Jewelry Clutch (Silver)

  • $0.25/Unit

    Jewelry Clutch (Gold)

  • $0.25/Unit

    Deluxe Clutch (Silver)

  • deluxe Clutch $0.25/Unit

    Deluxe Clutch (Gold)

  • $0.25/Unit

    Magnetic Back

  • $1/Unit

    Bar Magnet

  • $0.75/Unit


  • $0.25/Unit

    Safety Pin

  • $0.4/Unit


05. Select your preferred packaging.

  • FREE

    No Packaging

  • FREE

    Plastic Bag

  • Packaging-Acrylic-case $0.35/Unit

    Acrylic Case

  • $0.4/Unit

    Velvet Bag (Black)

  • $0.4/Unit

    Velvet Bag (Blue)

  • $0.4/Unit

    Velvet Bag (Red)

  • velvet-case-Red $2/Unit

    Velvet Case (Red)

  • velvet-case-black $2/Unit

    Velvet Case (Black)

  • velvet-case-blue $2/Unit

    Velvet Case (Blue)

06. Upload your design or artwork.

Upload one or more files faq, info, information icon

07. How many pins do you need and do you have a deadline?

08. Contact information

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